For many years, workwear has been limited to the skirt or trouser suit for the career woman. Fortunately, fashion has advanced and dressing professionally is no longer restricted to suits alone.  Wearing the right dress says as much as a suit. Simple, structured pieces are the way to go.  Too flashy or showy are a no-no. However conservative, the office dress code does not have to mean boring. The upshot is looking uncluttered and smart yet stylish in work wear.

Today, women rule the world and for the CEO or the up comer ascending the corporate ladder, dressing the part is important. However, one’s femininity should not be lost in the quest for greatness.  The fashionably expressive are shying away from the stereotypical suit and are matching silk tops with tailored trousers or pairing structured dresses with amazing heels. If matched right, the look says power yet has that subtle hint of grace and elegance.

Nonetheless, the skirt or trouser suit is a classic that will remain timeless and stylish if worn appropriately. Stick to interesting pieces, flattering cuts and fabrics in subtle but interesting colours. These say chic but still toe the line in terms of office rules.  Bold accessories like brooches, belts and necklaces can be included to perk up a basic suit. On the other hand, the best accessory is a right attitude. Wear this with confidence and you’ll go places.

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